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Childsafe policy


The following requirements have been developed by the KLAC Child Protection Committee to help ensure that athletes are appropriately looked after during their time at Keilor Little Athletics Centre and its sponsored events – and to make sure that we comply with the new and updated laws in this area.


What are the laws in this area?

Both Little Athletics Australia (LAA) and Little Athletics Victoria (LA Vic) have provided a series of requirements to ensure little athletics centres are compliant with the Working With Children Regulation 2016 and the Federal Crimes Amendment (Working With Children—Criminal History) Act 2010. The KLAC’s Centre Coaches Requirements have been developed to ensure that the centre meets these legislative requirements summarized in the LA Vic Child Safety Policy. This is available at the Little Athletics Victoria website


Who does this apply to?

These requirements apply to the following volunteer persons and/or roles:

  • Committee Members
  • Coaches & Assistant Coaches
  • Team Managers
  • Key Officials
  • Volunteers at Association run activities ( not Centre events )
  • Any other persons in contact with athletes, as requested by the KLAC Child Protection Committee


What do officials and coaches need to do?

Those listed above need to provide to the Centre Secretary prior to their involvement with KLAC or KLAC athletes:

Minimum requirements

  1. Presentation in person (and providing copy of) of a current Working with Children Card (WWC)
  2. Evidence of the nomination of Keilor Little Athletics Centre on their WWC as detailed in the LA Vic Working with Children Policy. For easy instructions on how to do this, please see the document found here.
  3. Coaches must read and sign the LA Vic Working with Children Code of Conduct.
  4. Certificate of attainment for the online course Playing by the Rules*.

*The committee requires those identified above to undertake the 45min long “Playing by the Rules” online child protection course, to ensure they are aware and educated of their responsibilities when working with and around children at KLAC (found here

The above requirements are provided free of charge for volunteers and represent the minimum requirements setout by the KLAC Child Protection Committee for persons working with young athletes both, at the centre and at centre sponsored events.


Additional / Secondary Requirements – Coaching

Whilst not mandatory, it is a recommendation of the centre that all coaches have a level of formal training in coaching young athletes. This applies to both new and seasoned coaches who wish to provide the best outcome for sessions run by themselves.

Coaches and assistant coaches wishing to take the next step can undertake the AIS Community Coaching General Principles Course, this is a 4 hour online course provided free of change that outlines basic communication and coaching principles applicable to all sports.

LA Vic also provides regular ITCC (Introduction to Coaching Course) Training Courses which KLAC can provide free of charge to parents and volunteers at the club assessed on a case by case basis.


A couple of key things to think about

  • We need to be very careful when touching other people’s children – for guidelines about this, read here.
  • Also be careful about how we communicate with other people’s children – for guidelines, read here.


All officials and coaches need to comply with this policy and guidelnes

All persons who undertake any of the above listed roles or on behalf of KLAC must adhere to these requirements identified above (unless they are a registered teacher or police officer, and provide suitable evidence to support such).

KLAC will follow up on anybody undertaking coaching or athletics related activities on behalf of KLAC without having met these requirements

By agreeing to the above requirements, committee members, key officials, team managers, coaches, assistant coaches and those others requested to do so, also agree to advise the KLAC Secretary at the earliest possible time of any changes in circumstance that may affect the validity of the Working With Children status.


Requirements will be reviewed annually

These requirements shall be reviewed by the KLAC Executive Committee on an annual basis and as the LAA and LA Vic policies are updated.

Any updates shall be circulated to those listed by the Centre Secretary as holding an official or coaching role, and posted on the centre website.