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Duty Roster

IMG_0503  Duty Roster IMG 0503Duty Roster

A typical Saturday morning at KLAC can involve several hundred athletes competing in over 100 different events.

This only happens because of the hard work of our volunteers, both the club officials and rostered parents.

All families are expected to help out a minimum five times per year, and we encourage more if possible. While volunteering can be confronting to some new parents, we (essentially other parents, that is all we are) will do everything we can do to make your volunteering as easy as possible.

Rostered roles include following age groups of athletes around and helping out in all of the events, in the canteen, and on the BBQ. Parents with very young children can have them with them for most roles (apart from the canteen, for safety reasons).

What is the rostering system?

For the 2017/18 season we will move to a Google Forms an online rostering system. Regular members of KLAC will recognise Google Forms as the system we use to accept entries for the Centre Championships. This will give parents the choice of dates, and make it easy for our roster manager to manage this process.

This year we will ask all families, whether regular parents, designated officials, or even committee members, to submit a form.

The link to this form is available HERE.    Can you please submit a form as part of your payment process.

  • From this, you can check to see that you are meeting requirements. Note that, if you do miss an assigned duty without telling us, we will remove this date from the list of dates you submitted – and we will ask to nominate another date to replace this.
  • Note that you can only submit one form. However after submitting this form you will be notified of the dates you changed, and there is scope to swap dates thereafter (it is best to imagine this form as a paper form which you need to submit electronically). There is also scope for rostered parents to move to an official role during the season.
  • Regular parents need to nominate 5 dates to help out over the season (Come and Try parents can wait until they join before doing this).  3 of these dates need to be before Xmas, and 2 afterwards.
  • Designated officials and committee officials simply need to confirm their agreed duties and competing family members.


*In some exceptional circumstances we can tailor roles to meet these circumstances – however you need to contact us to discuss this.

We will monitor all paid registrations, and if we see families who have registered and paid, and not submitted a form – we will chase you up on this.


Regular parents will still need to check in with our roster manager between 8:30-8:45am  on the days they are competing, and we will still follow up with parents who are falling behind in their duties. We will continue to send you reminder emails and texts regarding your duties.

If you are unable to make one of your rostered dates, can you please try to arrange a replacement and let our roster managers Allison McMenamin and Gail Monument know – both can be contacted at The children in our club are depending on you turning up when you are rostered on.

Important Note: We require athletes and parents to arrive for competition between 8:30am-8:45am. Parents on duty must sign-in with the duty roster manager before 8:45am. At 8:45am all parents on duty will receive a short briefing/instructions on running their event for the morning. At the same time all athletes will be invited to complete an instructor led warm-up between 8:45am – 9:00am. Athletes will be sent straight to their events from the warm-up.

Are you looking to do more? Would you consider becoming a club official?

The centre is always looking for parents, and even former athletes to step up into official roles. All of the club officials started as parents or athletes, and found that they more they put into the centre, the more that they get out of it. Officiating can help with your personal development, and your children may respect you for it. You may not need to help out every week, and you will be fully supported and trained in your role. If you looking to step up, please speak to the Duty Roster Managers Allison or Gail or centre president Mike Lloyd.

Duty Roster Contact – email any enquiries to the duty roster managers: