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2016 Relay Season wrap up.

Let me take you all back to the closing ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. The OIC official declaring the games officially over. The tension mounting….will he say it or not? Then those massive cheers as he declared those games – THE BEST GAMES EVER!

Well folks, it’s our turn……(not that I am likening myself to a member of the OIC or anything)……Team Keilor – I would like to declare the relay season officially over……and let me say – THIS WAS THE BEST RELAY SEASON EVER!!!! Amazing, outstanding, fantastic, massive team effort from athletes, coaches, parents and cheer squads, what a team!!!!

With the late start to the season, it was a little stressful getting things up and running so quickly. We were probably three weeks behind schedule and before we knew it – Box Hill was just a few days away. Box Hill is the perfect prelude for athletes, a fun event before the real thing. It was a great day – with Anthony Galang crying like a baby when the Under 10 mixed 4x100m ran together for the very first time. Whilst I couldn’t be there on the day, I drove my family insane with the race by race commentary as event results were messaged to me.

Let’s not forget those that ran at Mentone. Thank you to our coaches for making this effort so our kids could get their practice before regions. Once again – it was a success and our kids enjoyed themselves and ran their hearts out.

It was Team Keilor’s turn to host the NMR Region relay event this year. It is days like this when I am so proud to be a part of the team. You did good Team Keilor and played the part of the perfect host…..and then to top it off – We finished up – second overall!!!!!
We all know how successful the day turned out for the team with lots of bling won by our athletes. Did you notice how funny some of the athletes walked, with a stooped neck – intentionally bopping up and down so their medals would chime together?


I had a message texted to me this morning by one of the relay coaches……I hope you don’t mind that I am quoting this Shane…… was my pleasure and I’m already looking forward to doing it next year, they are great kids and now good mates. That was so evident at regions and also at states. This is what the kids get out of it……(and the parents as well). Yes, I know they are competing and they all want to win some bling…….but the friendships formed is pretty special….this is what keeps our kids interested and coming back each year. It is so great to see our teams hanging out together for the day – that’s my favourite part……..and hearing the cheering of the parents as the kids are racing.

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This now brings me to the State Championships…… I just looked up the word Amazing in my Thesaurus…..Astonishing, astounding, remarkable, incredible……yep – that’s pretty accurate… were all pretty special yesterday, I know I am being repetitive – but I am still so proud……I am getting Goosebumps as I write this when I think about you all yesterday.

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It was pretty exciting to see Team Keilor being part of the Top 10 Centres with the number of teams progressing to the State Championships, coming in 8th with 30 teams progressing. (We actually had 32, with 2 late qualifiers). Just goes to show that all that hard work paid off. 8th place out of all of Victoria – that is a pretty good effort. Congratulations to all our athletes that were part of our qualifying teams, and thanks to our parents and coaches for getting them there.

I know I am being biased – but Team Keilor definitely won the best cheer squad category out of all the Centres. Last year our winners were the Under 12 parents….. Sorry guys, you were surpassed this year – drum roll……….our winners were the Under 14’s. Great effort guys – but we all have to admit, you had good reason with the Under 14’s coming home with 4 MEDALS!!!! 2 gold (Mixed), and 2 silver. It was pretty exciting – I thought Meli would wet his pants every time the girls were running! Russell – you looked pretty calm, and just took it in your stride. Congratulations.

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For those that were there, it was pretty exciting. Actually, pretty exciting seems like a bit of an understatement. What a day! Athletes – you were all pretty darn special.

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I think our medal tally ended up being (and please correct me if I am wrong) – send me a pic and I can update Facebook.
Under 11
Mixed 4 x 100m – bronze
Under 13
Boys 4x200m – Silver
Mixed – 4x100m – Gold
Under 14
Girls 4x200m – Silver
Girls 4x100m – Silver
Mixed – 4x100m – Gold
Mixed – 4x200m – Silver

2016 Relay Season wrap up. 15492494 1332191700166248 1967519366635241494 n

Congratulations to all our athletes, for the massive effort you put in on the day. You all did us proud and I enjoyed being a part of it.
Parents – thank you for the effort in supporting our kids. Getting them to training, spending the days at Box Hill, Mentone, Keilor and the State Championships – it’s a big thing. Kids – thank your parents, it’s a big commitment of time supporting you during these events. Thank you to parents for making my life easier and fulfilling their duty requirements.

2016 Relay Season wrap up. 15621697 1332244510160967 6044073839377299228 n

Coaches……when I look at the effort you have all put in – I am speechless. The time, effort and enthusiasm was just great to be a part of, it was an absolute pleasure. Parents and athletes – you do not understand the time and effort put in by each of our coaches… takes over their lives and they eat, live breath relays – and it is for your kids they do this. So Amandu, Helen, Shane, Anthony, Steve, Glenn, Alison, Tim, Russell & Meli on behalf of the Keilor Little Athletics club – Thank you.

I can’t forget my assistants during the season. Thank you to Alison McMenamin, Caroline Moore, Lyn Grech who volunteered to be my assistant team managers. You were great, it is a huge help have someone there to support me. Thanks Again! Mike Lloyd, thanks for taking over Saturday afternoon at states so I could have a social life – I hope you enjoyed it.

And that’s it folks. It’s a bit of a marathon report…almost like a logies speech, but I want you all to realise how great you all are. Congratulations to all those involved in such a successful relays season. Athletes – Amazing, Parents – Amazing, Coaches – Amazing….Team Keilor – BEST TEAM EVER!

2016 Relay Season wrap up. 15542446 1333996419985776 4262774410758593349 n

I am looking forward to the remaining competition for the season when we start back after Christmas. Don’t forget the inaugural Keilor vs Essendon competition in January. We beat them at the region relays – let’s see if we can do the same when we compete against them for the Gwen Timmins Shield at Keilor with the home ground advantage.

Angela Dickins