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KSB announces discounted dual membership for KLAC athletes

KSB have announced a discounted dual membership for our teenage athletes. This provides an exciting option to increase their involvement in the sport, and to assist their transition into senior athletics.

Keilor St Bernards (KSB) athletics club is the other tenant at our athletics track, and we often see them training during the week and on Sundays. KLAC and KSB are pleased to announce that KSB is offering dual membership to our athletes at a discounted price of $50, which is complementary to the dual registration offered by Athletics Victoria for registered Little Athletes.

KSB have advised:

There are a number of teenage Keilor Little athletics members who may benefit from being members of both clubs.

Keilor St-Bernard’s (KSB) is affilliated with Athletics Victoria (AV) and has numerous men and women’s teams in all levels of AV winter cross country and summer track and field competitions.

Keilor St-Bernards trains at the Keilor Park athletic track Mondays and Thursdays commencing at 5.30PM and St-Bernard’s College West Essendon on Wednesday night at 5.30PM and Sunday at 9.00AM.

The club has a number of coaches who can address a wide range of disciplines at all levels, from beginners through to to experienced campaigners. Training is generally on a group basis with other members of the club but individual coaching can be arranged.

Dual membership would enable an athlete to compete as a member of Keilor St-Bernard’s club teams in AV winter cross country or summer track and field competitions and club relay teams in AV state and national championships. Dual membership enables an athlete to train with like minded athletes and excellent coaches at Keilor Park or St-Bernard’s College.

Dual membership requires membership of Keilor Little Athletics, “Dual” or “Youth” registration with Athletics Victoria and junior membership of Keilor St-Bernard’s at a reduced membership fee ($50). This joint KLAC-KSB junior membership at the reduced membership fee is available for for one year only, subsequent membership is at the current KSB junior membership fee for that year.

Further details of Dual and Youth registration with Athletics Victoria is further explained here. In short, registered Little Athletes between 11 and 14 years can obtain dual membership for $48, while athletes aged between 15 and 17 pay $68 (please note the different age group cut-off compared to Little Athletics).

DUAL & YOUTH ATHLETES (11-17 years) – Dual Athletes are those athletes  aged between 11 and 14 years (as at 31/12/2014) who are current members  of Little Athletics Victoria (LAVic). Youth athletes are those aged between 15  and 17 years (as at 31/12/2014) who have been members of LAVic at any  stage since 1/1/2012. LAVic Athletes must nominate a LAVic Centre on this  form in order to be eligible for this membership, and in claiming this  membership type, no other discount may be claimed. If you are not eligible for this category additional costs may be incurred.

This means that the total amount payable athletes aged between 11 and 14 years is $98 ($50 to KSB and $48 to Athletics Victoria) while athletes aged between 15 and 17 pay $118 ($50 to KSB and 68 to Athletics Victoria).


Dual registration for teenage athletes is can be quite common at other some other centres, but has not been common with KLAC (although some of our athletes are already joint members with KSB).

KLAC thinks that dual membership of both clubs is an excellent way for teenage athletes to extend themselves, boost their coaching, and transition into senior athletics. If you would like to learn more, please contact Ian Upton from KSB, email or phone 0409 331 107

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