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Keilor Club Championships – Bling, bling and some more Bling!!!

championships  Keilor Club Championships - Bling, bling and some more Bling!!! championships

For those that know me, know that I work every second Saturday.  So it has been pretty hit or miss as to whether I will be at our Special Events.  This year has worked out pretty good, with most special events occurring on my ‘Off’ Saturdays………until this weekend……Club Championship weekend! Of all weekends…… I think this is my most favourite competition day of the season.  But then again, I said that at Relays, I said that at Multi’s then at Regionals.  Let’s face it – I enjoy them all!  I know you do to.

So picture this…………here I was driving down the Calder.  I had the radio on, trying not to speed.  I hear this distinctive jingle.   Having no idea what it was I had to turn the radio down……..driving past the BP’s, then King’s Road and I am still hearing that jingle…….’What in the world is that jingle noise?’ – I say to myself.  I soon realised what the jingle noise was after arriving, parking and then entering the track.

The jingle was the sound of all those medals knocking together, it was almost musical.  You couldn’t miss it – everywhere I turned there were kids with great big smiles wearing these lovely musical medals.  How nice was that!  Congratulations to you all!  All that bling – it was almost blinding!

As I entered the track I was greeted by a massive downball tournament.  There must have been at least 20 kids there playing.  Quite funny to watch, mid game – there would be an announcement for an event and the kids who had an event would just scatter – leaving the game.  They would come back after their event and then join the line for the next go.

Watching your child receive a medal never gets old does it? We have been involved in little ath’s for the past 7 years and it still brings a massive smile to my face when one of my kids gets a medal – the joy on their faces is just wonderful.  I see it with all of you parents – its fun isn’t it?  That’s was makes the Club Championships just that little bit more fun.  All those medals, all those smiles.  The kids love having their opportunity to stand on the podium followed by the compulsory group jump off .  We can’t forget the paparazzi parents front and centre  – a parent with a camera is one of my favourite things to see, probably because I am usually there in amongst it (Although I did forget my camera today! – Shattered).

And let’s not forget that Under 5 race…how excited were the kids to receive their pretty ribbons.  Having been involved in a few clubs over the years, I always love it at Keilor how the younger kids are involved.  I love how you parents cheer, how the older athletes encourage these kids – and the kiddies….they just love it!

I hear that parents were great with their duties, with only a handful of parents not turning up.  Thank you all for  being co-operative – it really does make the day run smoother when everyone does their bit.

Just to enlighten you all a little – the running of the Club Championships is a massive group effort.  I had no idea how much work it was until I became a member of the committee.  I am a bit scared mentioning people individually as I don’t want to miss anyone out, but people have been working behind the scenes for weeks – and what a great result, the day was fantastic.   From making sure we have enough stock in the canteen, working out the Duty roster, working out if kids were eligible to compete, organising the athletes, the event schedule, keeping the website up to date, opening entries, preparing event sheets, our chiefs on the day and our starters……….it just goes on.  To each of you that were involved in this – THANK YOU.  My kids had a great day and it is all because of your hard work.

Can you believe it? – the season is over.  One more week left for those that are involved in the State Track & Field Championships and then it is done and dusted for another year.  Don’t forget our presentation night the Thursday before Good Friday.  It should be a great night with presentation, the handicap races, a movie night and the footy on in the club rooms.  A funfilled night to celebrate the great season we have had.

It has been a pleasure Team Keilor and congratulations to everyone involved in today’s event.

Angela Dickins

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