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Simplified rostering system for volunteers at KLAC for 2014/15 season

We have changed the rostering system for the 2014/15 season, and this means that your rostered days will be selected for you. 

As you all know, the club only works because of the hard work of both the rostered parents and designated roles (starters, set up etc)  every week. This includes all parents without designated roles being asked to do five duties every season.

What is the new rostering system?

This year, families without designated roles will be asked to perform a duty every 4th week of competition.

If you look at the KLAC calendar, found here, you will see that every competition week has one of “Roster Group 1”, “Roster Group  2”, 3,  or 4 listed as with the event details.  As your family registers, and if your family does not have a designated role, you will be randomly assigned into one of these groups. So if you are assigned to Roster Group 1, you will need to help out in weeks marked as Roster Group 1, etc.

As with the previous system, rostered parents will be asked to help five times in total. You will still need to check in at the centre table at the beginning of the event, and we will still follow up with parents who are falling behind in their duties. We will continue to send you reminder emails and texts regarding your duties.

If you are unable to make one your rostered dates, can you please try to arrange a replacement and let our roster manager Rodney Weston know. The children in our club are depending on you turning up when you are rostered on.

Unfortunately we can’t allow you to choose your own groups (it would simply be too hard to meet everybody’s requests), but if you can find someone from another group who is willing to swap groups with you, please let Rodney know.

Why have we done this?

  • – Increased consistency and predictability. Once you know what group you are in, it will be easy to look up on the club calender what weeks you are rostered on.
  • – A chance to get to know other people you are rostered on with – this should be the same group of poeple every shift.
  • – Much reduced workload for our roster manager. The former system was very labour intensive, both to set up and manage. Rodney is a volunteer like the rest of us, and we felt that this workload was unfair.
  • – Despite parents being able to choose their own dates, at times up to 25% of rostered parents did not turn up on the dates that they had chosen themselves. This suggests that the old system was not working that well.

What do other Little Athletics Centres do?

Other centres use a variety of approaches, but the most common system is a rotating system, i.e. once every 2 to 4 weeks, similar to what we are doing this year.

Are there other changes to rostered duties?

We have appointed a series of area chiefs (long/triple jumps, high jump, throws) to help parents officiate in these areas, as well as to help our athletes achieve their best

Any other questions?

Please contact myself – call me or 0419 103 533

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