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NMR Region Multi Event @ Hume

Thank you to all who participated in Sunday’s Northern Metropolitan Multi event at Hume.  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous as it was my first time as team manager.  However, the day has come and gone and I must say the it was the perfect introduction into the role.  Thank you to parents, athletes and officials for making my day an enjoyable one.

Team Keilor athletes performed brilliantly, with a number of PB’s and podium finishes all resulting in Team Keilor placing 3rd for the day.  A great result considering we ended up with only 20 athletes competing.  I had a chance to watch quite a few races during the day and was very impressed with not only the results but also the determination and effort put in by  all athletes.

Our podium finishes for the day were:

  • Charlotte Baskaran – GU11 – 2nd
  • Stephanie Randone – GU12 – 2nd
  • Emily Portaro – GU13 – 1st – NMR record
  • Kelera Ratu – GU13 – 3rd
  • Christian Petersen – BU15 – 1st – NMR record

Big thanks to our Chief Officials for the day, Libby Derks (starter), John Di Martino (long jump), Anand Baskaran (discus), Alida Portaro (assistant team manager), Veronica Ratu & Gail Monument (Call room Chiefs).   I know we all want to watch our kids compete when we attend events such as this, so it is a big effort to volunteer your services for the day.  Without the volunteers, our kids would not be able to compete at these events – So, ‘thank you.’

Sunday was a perfect opportunity to get to know parents and athletes that I would not normally chat with. Thank you parents for your co-operation.  Dwindling numbers of athletes competing on the day meant that it was necessary to roster parents for duty 2 – 3 times for the day.  All parents were  willing to assist when needed, some even volunteering extra assistance.  Thank you for making the team manager roles so much easier.

All athletes were ready and eager making sure they were at marshalling in time for their next event.  It was great to have so many athletes approaching us regularly to see when their next event was scheduled.   Whilst there was some wait time between events, athletes kept themselves entertained, chatting, singing and playing down ball.  Enjoy guys!  That’s what it’s all about.

We were fortunate to have 2 of our Centre Captains present at Multi’s,   Christian Peterson and Carla Di Martino.  Christian put in a great performance on the day with 6 PB’s and placing 1st .  Whilst Carla was unable to compete on Sunday due to injury, it was great to see Carla hang out with the younger kids and chatting, even though it meant a bit of noise – the kids were having fun, that’s what we like to see.

For those that didn’t attend Sunday, let me tell you that the  800m races at the end of the day were  brilliant.  In what was such a long day, that last ditched effort put in by all athletes was priceless.  The focus of Jasmine & Darcy  who both  gave it their best right till the end.  Oscar’s final burst and his facial expression in the last 100m showed that he was pushing it right to the finish line.  The runs of Charlotte and Kelera who make the 800m look easy and Emily’s determination to stay with her main competition shows what Multi’s are all about.  Whilst I haven’t mentioned everyone, I watched you all run that final race and it was a great effort put forth by all – Well Done!

For athletes and parents that missed the Region Multi’s, there is the State Multi that is being held early in 2016.  Entry to the State Multi is open to all registered U9-U15 athletes.  For those of you have any questions or those that aren’t sure what the Multi event involves, please do not hesitate to come and chat or email me with any questions.  Let’s see if we can get an even bigger team for the State Multi.  You can find information and the link to enter here

Thanks for reading and GO TEAM KEILOR

Angela Dickins

Special Events Manager

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