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KLAC Presentation Day, this Saturday 24th March, 9am to ~11.30am

The final event of the track and field season is the Presentation Day. The broad outline is as follows:

  • The day will start off with the finals of the Tim Golder 100m Handicap at 9am (finalists to marshal at 8.45 please), immediately followed by presentation of trophies and sashes. The full list of finalists is found at the bottom of this post. – and just like the heats, if any finalist is late, we will run the race without them – as otherwise everyone else will be held up.
  • This will be followed with a presentation of participation and achievement trophies. Any athlete who attended more than 50% of the time is eligible for a presentation trophy, and there are many other trophies for a range of achievements, including the trophies in each age group and overall Boys and Girls Champion. These prestigious trophies are based on a points system, and could be won by an athlete of any age.
  • We have hundreds of trophies to hand out.
  • Trophies will be handed out on age group by age group basis, and we are yet to determine the order of the age groups. But in the past it has not been oldest to youngest – or vice-versa.
  • We will ask athletes to sit on the front straight in their age groups during the presentation process, and parents to stay behind the fence. Immediately after the participation trophies are handed out, each age group will be escorted to a separate photography area (we will have two such areas) and then back to the front straight to wait for the rest of the trophies to be handed out.
  • Following the presentations will be the 800m Warren Hosking handicap. Unlike the 100m Tim Golder Handicap, all runners will start at the same place, but they will start off on different times. The entrants for this race are listed below.
  • Right at the end of the day, we will draw the winners of the fundraising raffle we are holding for our two athletes selected to represent Victoria in the national championships, Frank Mazza and Mitchel Langbourne.

We expect that the day should conclude around 11 to 11.30am. We encourage all families to stay around to the end if possible, as all our children deserve the recognition they can get.

PS Uniforms and patches are NOT required – unless you are one of the runners for the 100m or 800m handicap, listed below. In the latter case, patches can help identify athletes not known to all of the officials running the event.

Entrants for the Warren Hosking 800m – Girls

Michelle Spurrell U14
Miranda Alvarez U11
Jessica Bennett U13
Ella McMenamin U9
Alicia Gec U10
Charlotte Williams U13
Kiera Shackle U13
Alana Chrisanthou U13
Lara Sacaner U11
Talia Roshier U14
Alyssa Di Martino U14


Warren Hosking 800m – Boys

James Chrisanthou U12
Alexander McCarthy U10
Marcus Franze U10
Roman Muse U10
Luca Vella U9
Cooper Matthews U10
Ethan Stegehuis U11
Ashton McMenamin U11
Antoine Maitland U10
Jackson McMenamin U14
Pedro Gounder U13
Kristain Barresi U13
Campbell Scaife U11
Noah McMenamin U11
Samuel Scodella U12
Finn Daffey U10


Finalists for the the Golder 100m FINAL – Girls

Sienna Alvarez U8
Claudia Galang U7
Leila Stegehuis U8
Alicia Gec U10
Jasmine Galang U11
Jessica Bennett U13
Maire McEvoy U12
Sophia Cook U13
Kiera Shackle U13
Alyssa Di Martino U14


Tim Golder 100m FINAL – Boys

Lucas Withers U8
Alex Harbour U9
Luke Becvinovski U9
Miller Harvey U12
William Hurt U10
Max Busuttil U12
Pedro Gounder U13
Ephraim Noah U14
Lucas Leong U14