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State Track Field – Done and dusted!

And the 2015 / 2016 Little Athletics season is officially over – finishing off with a brilliant weekend of competition at Casey Fields this weekend.  Team Keilor – congratulations and well done.

Having left home at 9.00pm on Friday night and arriving home tonight at 8.00pm I have exactly 54 minutes to spare as I wait for the mad rush of school uniform wash for tomorrow, very happy that I thought about it tonight as we would have been in trouble tomorrow morning…..if I can get out of bed that is!

Casey Fields……I can honestly say that I have never ever been there before.  As I was driving there on Friday night in the rain,  I was just a tad stressed when I saw signs for Phillip Island, I was sure the navigation on my phone was taking me to the wrong place.  I just held the steering wheel tighter and drove on – hoping that I would end up in Cranbourne. And yes – I did!  Thank Goodness!!!

What a great complex was Casey fields (although just a tad windy)….that lush green grass and that Grandstand!  I certainly had grandstand envy all weekend……I had green grass envy and fake turf envy as well.  Imagine if we had a stadium like that!  Yes please!

It was an outstanding effort put in by all of our athletes.  I love watching you all race your little legs off (and some not so little), throw your hearts out and jump with all your might.  What an achievement to compete in a State Competition – congratulations to all our athletes who made it the States and put in a great effort this weekend.  And whilst not everyone was fortunate to finish up on the podium, please don’t underestimate your performances – well done to ALL.  I have been trying to put into words how proud I am off all of you without sounding cliché……… but the words just aren’t coming out right (I know – me lost for words…..that’s a first).  Well done Team Keilor – you did us proud , you really, really, really did us proud xxx.

fluke  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! flukeJamie  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! JamieMaire  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! MaireRyan  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! Ryan

Congratulations to our medal winners.  The joy on your faces was priceless……and your parents as well.  The proud parent award for the weekend goes to John Di Martino……his daughter Carla was our first medal winner on Saturday and I just don’t know who had the bigger smile….John or Carla.IMG_8150  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8150


Proud dad   State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8153

Our bling winners this weekend were (and please let me know if I have missed someone – I haven’t unpacked my car yet)

  • Carla Di Martino – Silver – High Jump
  • Ruby Pizzo – Gold – 80mH, Silver – Triple Jump
  • Charlotte Baskeran – Gold – 400m, Gold – 200m, Bronze 70m & Silver – long jump
  • Liam Mulcahy – Bronze – High Jump
  • Kelera Ratu – Bronze – 300mH
  • Yara Taylor – Bronze – 1500m
  • Darcy Cassar – Gold – 300mH

IMG_8190  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8190


IMG_8167  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8167IMG_8154  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8154


Athletes – have you taken the time to thank your parents for making the hike out to Casey Fields  for the weekend?…..enduring the subarctic  weather conditions on Saturday and the extreme Sunshine on Sunday?  We must really love you guys to make that effort.  It was hilarious to see our parents all rugged  up in their many layers…….I know it didn’t help that Camp Keilor was at the top of a hill  – but that was the only real estate available when I arrived.

IMG_8160  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8160IMG_8163  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8163IMG_8165  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8165

As always – parents it was a pleasure. Whilst I love getting to know our athletes – parent watching is hilarious.  And it’s not just the cheering that puts a smile on my face…….it’s the measures you all took keeping warm in yesterday’s conditions…….it’s the head in the phone waiting for the times and progressions to come up after a race on live results………it’s trying not to nag your child to eat a piece of fruit instead of that bag of chips before that race and it’s the finally relenting and letting your child get that $35 State Track and Field T-Shirt that they just have to have.

IMG_8188  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8188

Thank you parents for your co-operation this weekend with your duties.  Lyn and myself had a great group of parents who were ready to assist when required.  We had a few late scratches which made things a little crazy, but we have come out of it all unscathed so it must have been ok.  Gwen only had to call us a couple of times – so I am happy.

We had one particular family who was so diligent in their duties that I thought we were going to have a Team Keilor baby arrive today.  Big thank you…..actually MASSIVE thank you – you know who you are.  I would like to advise you all right now – that for as long as I am team manger……anyone who is 9 months pregnant is EXEMPT from all duties.  (no – I didn’t make our mother to be do a duty…..but she had to sit around and wait).

This brings me to another point.  I know I winge that I have to change schedules time and time again and by the end of the week leading up to a major event I am really stressed.  But please, let me know if you have any concerns with your duties.  People do contact me all the time and I try an accommodate most reasonable requests if I can – there are quite a few families involved in organising these events , and sometimes I don’t know things or remember things unless you tell me.

So – as always,  I like to enjoy the day, sitting back and watching you all mingle at these special events.  This weekend as I looked around  –  once again…… I saw the hair salon with the braids happening again…..did you see how many braids we had?  I have a few pics – see if you can work out who they are?

IMG_8180  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8180IMG_8176  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8176IMG_8175  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8175IMG_8168  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8168 e1458476020890


The under 10 boys took control of the Team Keilor flag for the parade this year.  We really didn’t know if was happening but the Under 10  boys saw it and strutted their stuff down the straight. Thank you boys.

Boys  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! Boys

We had the snoozers once again – it’s a hard gig sometimes driving all that way and then having to wait for hours and hours.  Thank goodness the weather was lovely today and it was quite pleasant sitting in the sun…….although Pete tells me I am looking like a beetroot tonight.  I like the Jetstar hat – maybe we need to submit this pic for the next Jetstar competition. Just a word of warning to you parents at future events……you snooze – I will take a pic!

IMG_8185  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8185

I can’t not forget the Randone hot dog shop.  BYO hot dogs….who would have thought!  Thank you  Sam for feeding half of Camp Keilor.  I bet they don’t get hot dogs at the other clubs?

IMG_8148  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8148

I must also mention our cheer winner for the weekend.  Our winner cheer winner this weekend was the lovely and very proud Monique Baskaran….but I think I probably  I gave her a run for her money in the girls 300m hurdles.  Congratulations Monique.

monique  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! monique

Once again we saw the friendships.  Kids all hanging out together and just enjoying the day.  What a great group of kids we have.

girls  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! girls

IMG_8195  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8195

Farewell to our Under 15 athletes who competed in their final State Track & Field Competition.  Millie, Christian, Darcy, Christopher & Adem….it has been a pleasure.  Congratulations to you all and thank you for being a part of Team Keilor. I am sorry I didn’t get a pic of you all.

Big thank you to Lyn Grech my assistant team manager.  You were a massive help this weekend and good company as well.

IMG_8166  State Track  Field - Done and dusted! IMG 8166


And that’s it guys.  Team Keilor – you really showed them all that we are the best.

Such a pleasure to be a part of it all.


Angela Dickins


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