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Team Keilor @ Box Hill Relay Day

Box Hill Relays 035  Team Keilor @ Box Hill Relay Day Box Hill Relays 035

As you may be aware, some of the Team Keilor relay teams competed at the Box Hill relay day on Sunday. I have been trying to sum the day up in a word and the same word comes to mind time and time again. I could say medals, success, winning, fast, determination and cheering – those are all true….it was a very successful day with Team Keilor finishing 2nd on the medal tally with 11 gold, 15 silver & 5 Bronze…….but the word that continually comes to my mind is camaraderie.

That’s what makes relays different to normal track and field competition. Don’t get me wrong – it’s all fun and exciting and I love it when we win…..and we did win a lot… but looking around on Sunday at all the kids and families in black and white, I realised that relays are different.

Box Hill Relays 033  Team Keilor @ Box Hill Relay Day Box Hill Relays 033

It’s the under 9 and 10 girls getting their face painted by one of the mums……it’s the kids all hanging out together, laughing, and chatting with kids they have never spoken to before…….it’s the parents praising other kids because their kids just raced together and they are besties now……it’s all the parents lined up along the track cheering for the team running, hugging the person next to them – and then realising they don’t even know each other’s name (I bet they know their names now)…..It’s my four year old disappearing and me finding her with the Under 13 boys chatting away….. It’s the Under 13 girls getting their hair done by the resident hairdresser, all with matching braids……..It’s the under 10 boys who have grabbed a baton and have taken it upon themselves to practice their baton changes………it’s the boy who doesn’t want to pass the baton to a girl at the beginning of the day and who, by the end, chooses to pass to a girl because they now have a bond – they won a medal together in the last race. That’s what it’s all about……that’s what we love about it.

Box Hill Relays 001  Team Keilor @ Box Hill Relay Day Box Hill Relays 001Box Hill Relays 014  Team Keilor @ Box Hill Relay Day Box Hill Relays 014 e1445941017525

For those of you that attended, I congratulate all of you for a job well done. Excellent effort by all athletes, coaches, parents and supporters. Box Hill is the perfect practice run especially for the athletes who have never competed in relays before – Congratulations!

Big thanks to all involved – particularly our team manager and coaches, who all worked hard the entire day – tirelessly organising the kids and making sure everyone was ready and at marshalling for their next race……. Thanks to the parents for making the hike to Box Hill and spending the day there in warm conditions.

Box Hill Relays 057  Team Keilor @ Box Hill Relay Day Box Hill Relays 057

We have the NMR region relays coming up on 21st November at Essendon this year. Whilst not everyone is involved in relays (though it’s not too late for athletes to join the team), I would like to invite everyone to come at some stage during the day and be a part of the fun. Come and be a part of the Team Keilor cheer squad and support our amazing athletes.

Team Keilor – you did us proud!

Angela Dickins

Results for the day can be found here

Box Hill Relays 053  Team Keilor @ Box Hill Relay Day Box Hill Relays 053

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