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Some tips for new parents at KLAC

New to KLAC? You might benefit from the tips below

  1. Although we start officially at 9am, try to get there say by 8.45 for a normal week, and 8.30 if you are rostered on for this week.
  2. Our weekly program is found on our website, at the red Live button on the right hand of the menu. If you open up this links during the program, say on your smartphone, you will see the events turn green when they are called, orange when being run, and red when completed. Similarly, the same program is shown on a big TV we have on the left hand side of the big windows.
  3. All results (for paid athlete whose families have submitted roster forms and whom are wearing patches) are uploaded into the Results HQ website – for details, go here: The first you go there, just hit the lost password button, and you will be sent a link which will allow you to see a password.
  4. We need see a copy of a birth certificate, password or other proof of age documents for new athletes.
  5. At athletes build up performances, they will earn Personal Bests (PBs). When they get 7 PBs, they get a bronze medal – 14 gains silver and 21 gold. The medals will be handed out throughout the season – and kids love them.
  6. Our standard uniform singlet costs $30, and this or a crop-top ($30) are required once the season is underway. Black shorts are also available for $25, or you can buy black shorts from the likes of Kmart or sports stores (if you are a U9 to U15 and want to compete at regional events, any black shorts must have no logos).
  7. Please remember that the officials are almost all volunteers giving up their time for the good the club. We occasionally make mistakes – we are all human. Please forgive us if we do.
  8. If you have complaints, please discuss these only with our chief of Officials Russell Cram, or our president Mike Lloyd – and please remember point 6 above.
  9. We strongly believe that the emphasis in our club is on participation, fun and personal development. We do have some exceptional athletes who compete very well at state level, but to us every athlete is important, regardless of ability.
  10. We have paid centre training on Tuesdays, 6pm to 7pm, during the school terms. We never cancel this for wet weather – instead only for extreme heat
  11. We are very proud of our relay program, and encourage all U19 to U15 athletes to get involved, regardless of perceived ability. We will find a team for everyone.
  12. The calendar of events is found here.:
  13. At the end of the season, we have Centre Championships, and then Presentation Day, where all athletes will have competed more than 50% of the days will receive a trophy, along with age group and overall champions.
  14. We take the roster system very seriously, as this allows us to deliver our program to your children.
  15. If you like what we do, we are always looking for more people to help deliver our program – we are all parents like yourself.
  16. If we decide to cancel a Saturday morning due to wet weather, we will do so by around 7am or so, text and email everybody, and post on the front page of our website. If none of the above have happened, we have not cancelled, and the event is still on.