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Want to keep up to date with KLAC events?

Many KLAC members would know about the KLAC calendar, found here, and shown below:

KLAC calender  Want to keep up to date with KLAC events? KLAC calender


















But what you may not know is how easy it is (if you use Google Calendar on your phone, tablet or computer)  to add all of the dates in this calendar to your calendar. Just press the Google Calendar button (as circled in red above), follow the instructions, and your own calendar will now include all of KLAC events.

This means that:

1) There is no need to for you to enter the dates, times and details of the KLAC events yourself in your calendar.

2) All changes we make to the program will be automatically updated to your calendar.

iPhone or iPad users

This is a bit trickier. Instructions for adding a a public calendar are found here. Step 4 refers to a Google Calandar URL – I used this link:

In my iPad as the URL, and this seemed to work. This also worked for an iPhone.

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