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Want to learn more about officiating and coaching?

Are you interested in learning more officiating at our club and regional events? Would you like to learn how to help coach your children or younger siblings?

Little Athletics Victoria has just announced two series of workshops, which all KLAC parents and even senior athletes are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Introduction to Officiating covers what you need to know to be an skilled official at club and centre events. This is being held in a variety of locations, with the closest being at Diamond Valley on Sunday August 25th, between 10 and 2pm. This seminar will cover instruction to in all track and field events, rules, safety, venue set up, recording results and handling of equipment.  The cost is only $10, and participants will recieve copies of officials documentation and a polo shirt in return. Further details and the registration details are found here.

Introduction to Coaching can help understand to guide your children and other athletes at club events. Again this is being held at a variety of locations, with the closest being at Whittlesea on Sunday 14th September.

The Introduction to Coaching course (ITCC) is aimed at giving people with little background knowledge in athletics the ability and confidence to coach basic level athletics to children. The course is great for parents or older brothers and sisters who want to know a little bit more about the sport and how to coach children, and to assist in training at Centre level. The sessions include both theory and practical elements.

This lasts between 9 am and 3.20 pm, and costs $105. I have previously done this course, and found it be excellent. Further details and registration details are found here.

Check out our Development Section of this website for further development opportunities for athletes, coaches & officials during the course of the year.

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