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What are ‘points’ in KLAC? How do I receive a participation trophy? what about PBs?

New to KLAC? Curious about points, participation trophies and PBs?

What are points in KLAC?

At Keilor we like to recognise athletes with to perform well over the whole of the season. For this reason most events attract points. Athlete who finish these events attract points just for finishing – if you put in a good performance you can gain extra points, with the additional points per event being determined by a long established scale that takes the age and gender of athletes into account.

At the end of the season we add these points up to work out the best athlete of each gender for each age group. In addition, we determine the best overall boy and girl, again based on the total number of points they gain.

How do I receive  a participation trophy?

All athletes will participate in at least one event in 50% or more of eligible KLAC track ahd field days receive a participation trophy. For example there are 20 events scheduled for this year. Typically 2 of these might be rained out, so there might be 18 eligible events for the season (if 2 events are rained out). If an athlete has completed events in 9 or more of these events, they receive a participation trophy.

In addition, athletes or their parents can apply for a participation trophy if there extraordinary reasons why their participation was limited, for example moving interstate. Each application is assessed on their own merits (and family holidays are not regarded as an extraordinary circumstance).

What are PBs?

At KLAC we like to see athletes improve constantly. Every time an athlete improves on their previous best performance for an event, they get a personal best (PB). If athletes do 3 PBs in a single day they get a McDonald’s certificate, and 5 PBs earns a trophy.

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